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Thread: Modern Sporter photo thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiffx2781 View Post
    Mine is .750" I got it from CTCS but I'm pretty sure that's the only size they have. Brownells also carries the same one but it is currently showing out of stock.

    I have no idea where to find one of these in .625". Brownells doesn't carry one that size.

    EDIT: Just found that SLR Rifleworks makes one in .625" but you'll have to get it through an importer.
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    Well, it was all fun and games until my bipod fell apart.

    Finally putting it to work, and she's running smooth so far!

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    So I finally sorted out the gasblock issues (took jiffx2781's advice and bought a dimpling jig) and went for range session #2. Ran through 240 rounds of various surplus 7.62x39 with zero issues. The bolt didn't fully lock back after the last round a couple of times. The rifle was ejecing 1:30-2 o'clock so it could still be a little overgassed...gonna try an H buffer next slow down bolt speed a little. Wasn't really testing for accuracy but shooting off my bag I'd say it was 1.5 to 2 MOA so I was very impressed!
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