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Thread: Modern Sporter photo thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by alberta tactical rifle View Post
    This thread is for the proud owners of Modern Sporter to post their builds.

    Lol at the safe and fire symbols on the middle one
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    Reciever set showed up! Dry fit a bunch of the parts I have on hand already.

    Parts on hand:
    SS reciever set
    Odinworks 300 blackout barrel/gas tube/gas block
    MRA V1 handguard
    BAD M16 FA BCG
    BCM Gunfighter grip
    Eotech Vudu 1-6/Leupold IMS

    Still inbound:
    Geissele SD-E trigger
    Raptor LT charging handle
    JP SCS
    Magpul carbine stock
    LPK/dust cover/buffer tube/castle nut/knurled thread protector
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric3hat View Post

    ATRS Modern Sporter Receiver Set
    Maple Ridge Armoury V1 M-Lok 15" Handguard
    Maple Ridge Armoury Match Nitride 5R 18.6" .223 Wylde Barrel (1/8" Twist, Rifle Length Gas System, Straight Fluting)
    Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block Bleed Off (0.750")
    Nightforce NX8
    American Defense Manufacturing Recon 30mm QD Mount
    Magpul MBUS Pro Offset Front and Rear
    Daniel Defense M16 5.56 BCG
    Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle
    BCM Gunfighter Grip Mod 2
    Geissele Super Tricon Trigger
    Phase 5 Extended Bolt Release V3
    Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock
    Strike Industries, AR-15 Receiver Extension Kit, 7 Position Buffer Tube V2
    Strike Industries AR-15 Aluminum Ultimate Dust Cover
    JP SCS (when it comes in)
    Radian Talon Ambi 45/90 Safety Selector
    I have the same hand guard for my build. How does it line up with the upper?

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    Here's another one chambered in 5.56. It was built a little on the cheap but has room to grow. Weighs 6lbs 12oz bare.

    -BCL (IBI) stainless fluted mid-length gas 18.6" barrel
    -Geisselle .750" stainless gas block
    -MRA V1 M-LOK 13.5" handguard
    -MRA stainless gas tube
    -stainless bird cage flash suppressor
    -BCL BCG
    -BCM Gunfighter charging handle
    -DPMS dust cover
    -Anderson LPK
    -BCL milspec buffer tube (a little loose in the CTR stock)
    -ATRS's generic buffer and spring (unknown brand)
    -Magpul CTR stock

    -Burris PEPR 1" mount
    -Leupold 3-9x40 American Marksman

    I have around $2030 into it without scope or mount.
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    Quote Originally Posted by propliner View Post
    Here's another one chambered in 5.56, mid-length gas 18.5" IBI barrel. It was built a little on the cheap but has room to grow.

    Looks great man.

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    Got my uppers today! Was gonna post a pic of them stripped to "hold my spot here" but couldn't figure it out. Is it because my team membership expired?

    Anyway, I am blown away by the machining and finish. They're absolutely beautiful. I'll put together my 6.5 grendel upper tonight and partial 5.56 as Im still waiting on parts for that one..

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    I ran into an issue with my trigger, so won’t be able to post up some groups , just yet.
    What you see is,
    Christensen Arms 20 inch ,1-8 twist Carbon fiber wrapped barrel.
    TNA knights of the round table brake( it works
    Battle Arms Development ridgeline 15 inch hand guard.
    Raptor ambi CH
    CTR stock
    Brownells BCG
    Leupold VX3i 4.5-14 LRP optic.

    Just a touch over 6 lbs without optic
    Just a touch over 8 lbs with optic
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    Here is my MS. Still waiting for JP SCS at this moment... I ordered rifle length gas system barrel and MRA send me one with midlength gas... Didn't notice until it is assembled by ATRS. I can not reach the adjustable gas block with the 17 inch handguard....

    Definitely gonna switch to a low power variable scope, who have recommendation?

    Mine have a little bit play between lower and upper, I placed some tape between these two parts and the play gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmwebs View Post
    I like that barrel! What are the details on it?

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