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Thread: Modern Sporter photo thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachoninja View Post

    Most parts off a Colt AR15A4. Same gun, just wanted to see what it looked like with the different stocks. I'm going with the fixed stock for now.
    That is by far my favorite one. Whats the weight?
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    I would guess close to the $500/lb mark. She is nice but $$$ not many tricks missed on this one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian46 View Post
    What kind of cost would someone be looking at for that setup minus the optic? Feel free to pm if you don't wanna say on the forum,

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    Can't wait to try it out.


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    Couldn't tell you exactly, don't have a scale. Google says a Colt Ar15a4 is 7.7 lbs so I imagine this is pretty much the same, maybe slightly less because it has no forward assist.

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    my sporter

    -MRA 18.6" Barrel
    -TNA Fake reverse Suppressor
    -MRA 12" SLW handguard
    -Colt Canada BCG
    -Hiperfire marksman trigger
    -Vortex Spitfire x3
    -Magpul UBR GEN 2
    -Magpul Sling
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRedViking View Post

    my sporter
    Love it. Man I gotta get my aluminum shroud finished.
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    My build:

    Spare BCG I had kicking around, unknown brand... but with a Colt bolt
    BCM Gun Fighter charging handle
    Strike Industries polymer dust cover
    Mag Dump lightweight keymod 15" HG
    Rock River Arms 24" fluted varmint SS barrel in .223 wylde
    Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x20 scope w/Leupold Mark 2 mount
    *likely going to swap this to a QD style mount to go between the second upper

    Magpul MOE grip
    Spikes Tactical buffer

    Triggertech Competitive curved(fixed) AR trigger

    *undecided on stocks... Ive got a spare Magpul UBR, or a spare A2 stock I may run, or maybe just pick up a Magpul CTR.
    But currently its got the Fab Defence GLR-16

    Second upper is:
    TNA's 18.5" 7.62x39mm barrel
    Brownells 7.62x39mm BCG
    Gunfighter BCM CH
    Strike Industries polymer dust cover
    IMI carbine HGs w/front sight gas block
    Colt buis from an SA20 to go with the front sight as a back up

    *just waiting on a round HG cap to complete the build and I'll throw that pic up too

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    @Nachoninja This is what I planned to make mine like.. but the build went off the rails. Looks fantastic!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nachoninja View Post

    Most parts off a Colt AR15A4. Same gun, just wanted to see what it looked like with the different stocks. I'm going with the fixed stock for now.
    Wow. Looks great. Super cool.
    Keep the fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uAJollyRogering View Post
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe even NRs need to be stored unloaded, ammunition can be in the same locked container but not loaded in the firearm.
    You are correct.

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