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Thread: Modern Sporter builds Q&A

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    I have an AP customs ultralight handguard and an Aero Quantum and neither have the tabs and they both fit great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoughneckRico View Post
    Interesting, was hoping for less filing and more simply just bolt on.
    What you're looking for then is a milspec forged AR-15 upper which is what all the handguards on the market were designed to fit.
    Your other option is to take 5 minutes and grind off the tabs on your handguard of choice if it doesn't fit the way it came.
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    What magazines is everyone running? What fits the best? I'm looking for .223

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    Any trigger snobs here that can chime in on two that i'm looking at for my sporter build??

    I'm down to the last piece for my MS build which happens to be the trigger, I'm looking at the TriggerTech AR Diamond or the Geissele SSA-E.
    I don't have a ton of exp. with the AR type platform, closest thing would be my WK180 which is a giant POS rife with issues and has a pretty gritty trigger. ( Fk W And K, god dam crooks). After my fiasco with that gun I didn't mind gettin a little spendy building my MS.

    Can anyone think of any cons for either trigger? I hear they are both excellent choices. What do you fellows think?


    -MRA Match 223 Wylde 18.5 barrel
    -MRA V1 15" HG
    -SLR Gas block
    -JP BCG
    -JP SCS
    -PWS-E Buffer
    -BCM LPK

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatemike77 View Post
    Does anyone have a quick list of handguards that are compatible with the MS that do not require any sort of filing or modifications? BCM? Midwest?
    Quote Originally Posted by RoughneckRico View Post
    Interesting, was hoping for less filing and more simply just bolt on.
    Quote Originally Posted by skatemike77 View Post
    Yah im interested in a handguard where i dont need to do that
    Odin O2 lite 15.5" is good to go with the tabs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merovingian View Post
    I'm looking at the TriggerTech AR Diamond or the Geissele SSA-E.
    I'm more of a snob for SOPMOD approved parts than triggers in general, so go with the SSA-E. I did and I love it. $250 CAD all in from Brownells during any of their Geissele sales.

    Additional thoughts: Adjustability is garbage. Price premium with out the body count to justify it is garbage. Needlessly complex housings are garbage.

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    Does anyone know if V7's A5 buffer tubes are good to go? I have a VLTOR backordered at Brownells but want to have a plan B in case they aren't back in stock any time soon. I'd pair the V7 tube with the VLTOR A5 buffer/spring kit and a Magpul STR if it'll work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by langfordbc View Post
    Anybody actually fit an Aero Precision Atlas S-One to their upper yet? I understand the nut may be tight, possibly due to the coating, but how about the anti-rotation tabs?
    Did you ever get an answer with respect to the S-One? I'm specifically curious around the anti-rotation shroud built into the handguard and how it mates to the MS upper / lower.

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    My R-one won’t fit. I think they are the same except for the top rail.
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