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Thread: Just ordered myself a Polish Tokarev (TT-33) anybody else? $250.00.

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    I had no issue with parts. I even bought brand new magazines out of the states (8 rounders are legal for export lol)
    Only one vendor though lol.

    Loved my tt33 Polish, put a create of ammo through it then passed it along to pay for other projects.
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    I got a Russian TT33 for $169 three years ago from a retailer in Vancouver. Shoulda bought a few more! But money is always tight, no matter how good the deal. The bore is frosty but the outside is like new. At the time I just wanted the cheapest pistol possible but I've grown to like my Tok a lot. When I was a CHAS member (Genesee range) I enjoyed trying to hit the 100 yard gongs with it. My current club doesn't have gongs yet but I've got a plan to set some up this spring. I want to build a 22 TCM barrel for it - I've got dies and brass already.
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    Luckily I was about to buy a large number of parts TT33ís which we are starting to strip for parts and post online.

    Quote Originally Posted by machman View Post
    The problem with TT pistols is that there are few or no parts available. If you need a part, the typical response on CGN is "buy another TT", lol. It's true though, US vendors will not ship to Canada. Expect to buy a parts pistol.

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    I have been buying from SFRC for years. They are always above and beyond. Had a problem with the Polish TT taken from them a couple years ago. Do you want to guess what they did? They told me to keep the troublemaker for parts and sent me another pistol . This is an old school classy store, IMHO.
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    Ya sfrc is great. That's a great price imo for a Polish Tok these days. I've got one to and it's awesome, the finish beats any other toks I've seen personally. Only thing that bugs me is the ammo, by that I mean I shoot at an indoor range. Norinco ammo although it is non corrosive lead core, it sticks to a magnet so can't shoot that. Surplus stuff steel core so that's out. Im left with s&b @ $25.99/box or $23.99 by the case. Wish norinco would come up with a non magnetic round. Yes I know everyone will say I should reload, that's just not an option for me either due to space and time restrictions.

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    They are who i bought mine from and sent a buddy there who bought 3 more Polish ones.Great service.

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    That is great news. Can you post when the spare parts are up online.

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    Also in for parts!

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    Down for parts as well!!! Considering I just bought one!

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    Need some firing pin retaining pins, got a couple sportowy's from you a couple years ago, two need work the pins were replaced with soft steel rod peened on the ends, would like to remove those and put original ones back in! Someone in the U.S. Makes them I believe, perhaps sfrc can import!

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