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Thread: Personal question for Surplus / ex-mil guys....

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    Quote Originally Posted by just having some fun View Post
    My idea of water filtration is simple

    Boil it .. pot fire water.

    If you want to get more complex .. Boil it .. let it cool .. Pour through a brita .. drink

    Food for the kids .. if you are really roughing it KD with no milk & no butter.... or cans of beans / or there favorite pasta in a can.. mr noodle
    all very easy to keep a stock of and easy to just use the oldest first
    Quaker breakfast porridge as well
    Jar of peanut butter

    if you had a 2 week supply (Stock) and bought once a week .. if a disaster hit on shopping day you would still have one week food for the kids
    This is good advice re just stocking regular food. If you are static then probably the easiest and most likely to be kid friendly.

    Boiling water is fine as long as you have the fuel to spare and the water source isn't contaminated with VOC's and particulates.
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    I don't believe in cross-specie hunting.
    It's 3.2 kilos, not 30lbs and it only creates 7 lbs of overpressure in the immediate area....and you only bled from ONE ear that ONE time...pussy!

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    I like to canoe .. Camp in the back lakes..

    I always find it stupid .. when you see some one bringing in water to Drink (5 or more gallons of water)
    you are in a canoe sitting on a lake full of water

    Take in 1-2 L of water for first day and boil water with your meals and top up your bottles

    water pot boil will kill 99% of the stuff that will give you the S****

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    I was happy with Mrestar. I ended up paying less than 10$ per for a couple boxes. I tried one once to figure out the cooking mechanism and it was pretty good. Threw a tiny bit of hot sauce in the chicken noodles and it surprised me.

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    just go shopping at for your EMrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlask Arms View Post
    HAHA, I just moved to Tsawwassen from spending 30 years in Richmond last summer. Every once in a while I would lay in bed wondering if / when the 'Big One' would hit and how fast I could get out of Dodge if it happened.

    Now I live on a nice high hill in Tsawwassen where I can see it all happen down in the distance while I (hopefully my Vodka doesn't break in the quake) can sip a martini and soak it in to tell the grand kids.

    Move away from the lower mainland, once #### hits the fan the roads will become completely blocked as utter chaos unfolds. People are stupid, they will panic and trample each other to escape.

    Unless you have an airplane or a helicopter it will be difficult to leave the area. I am not trying to be rude, my apologies if what I say offends anyone.

    I moved away from the lower mainland over 20 years ago to escape that possibility and the crowding of people. In the event of a disaster the lower mainland is the last place you would ever want to be....

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