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Thread: Hunters hold rally to protest Quebec long-gun registry

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    Hunters hold rally to protest Quebec long-gun registry

    We should give a round of applause to the hunters and gun owners in Quebec. Protests by gun owners and hunters in a major city is possible. And the media has to report it!

    Thank you to the Quebecois for showing strength for ALL of us in Canada. This is not just about Quebec, but you set an example for all gun owners in Canada to follow!

    Hunters hold rally to protest Quebec long-gun registry

    ANDY RIGA Updated: February 17, 2019

    “The (long-gun) registry targets the wrong people and it’s not effective,” Michel Therrien, a hunting guide who co-founded the group, said in an interview. He said there’s no proof registering firearms prevents crime.

    “We’re saying let’s instead put the money where it would help” — mental-health services and targeting the black market for guns, Therrien said.

    He said the registry stigmatizes hunters, adding many urban dwellers have misconceptions about hunting.

    “If you grew up in the Gaspésie or Abitibi, people have farms, they hunt, they go out into the forest, it’s passed down from generation to generation,” he said. “For us, guns are used for a very precise purpose: hunting.”

    In response to the protest, gun control activists, including victims of the École Polytechnique and Dawson College shootings and their families, insisted Quebec’s long-gun registry will save lives and prevent crimes.

    Quebec passed a law creating the registry in 2016, giving owners until Jan. 29, 2019 to register firearms or face penalties of up to $5,000.

    As of mid-January, owners had registered less than one-quarter of the 1.6 million guns the government estimates are owned by Quebecers. So far, the Coalition Avenir Québec government has said it will encourage compliance via information campaigns rather than fines.

    As he stood in the crowd in Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, gun owner Hugues Vaillancourt noted that in the Quebec City mosque massacre and the Dawson shooting, the killers used registered weapons.

    “The registry would have changed nothing,” said Vaillancourt, a hunter who lives in Disraeli in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. “You have to get to these individuals before they commit the crimes.”

    Ken Taylor, a hunting guide from Waskaganish in northern Quebec, said the registry creates unnecessary bureaucracy and he expects the cost of the system to balloon.

    Taylor, who said he worries requiring extra paperwork will discourage hunting, noted owners of long guns must have a possession and acquisition licence — a process that involves background checks.

    Police can use that information to determine whether someone may have a gun, he said. “We’ve been checked, we’re not bad people, we’re not criminals, we don’t have mental problems, we’re not fanatics,” Taylor said.

    But gun-control advocates say the registry will provide detailed information that could be crucial in dangerous situations........

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    Thanks! I was there and everything went good. Only thing that desapointed me! We were only around 250-300 people. We should have been more. More to come ;-)

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    Fantastic to see, was hoping quebec would fight this tooth and nail.

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    Exactly, the whole Canadian firearm registry is a corrupt pile of United Nations BS! Here's a great link to help understand where the motivation for a registry comes from, and how a registry whether in Quebec or all of Canada, is the last link in the chain if custody absolving liability.

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    Renews my faith in my brothers in Q.C.
    Shoot often and safely... We stand as one or not at all

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    That's great!
    Shootin' stuff in the Wild West

    "Somehow, democracy has become a selection of stale left-overs that no one wants".- HWally

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    I'm really glad to see what is going on in QC, honestly, similar activity in the rest of the country may be ignored, but in QC, it has to be addressed.

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    Well done, showing great solidarity! Keep it up!

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    Qc... Qc... Qc...

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    Well done Quebec, will be keeping an eye on YouTube for footage.

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