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Thread: The "Holy Grail" Debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by nowarningshot View Post
    I have bought quite a few, sold less. One i sold was apparently a lot of peoples unicorn gun. My inbox got swamped, 30+ messages and i will take its in 2 hours. I sold it to the first guy, his pm was 4 mins from my posting.

    Remington 600 350 rem mag, with the multi colored laminate stock. One mark about the size of a grain of rice.
    Would have bought that in a heartbeat!

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    I do admit to being a bit in love with Rob's rifle there, but I honestly find that my pretty blued / wood stocked guns usually end up sitting in the safe when I go hunting. I know I do a lot of walking (I'm a forester by profession) and I push sticks more than most people do, so I usually default to something stainless and synthetic for my hunting setup. I've always felt really bad scuffing up a nice wood stock, or not having a good opportunity to clean a nicely blued gun when it's -35 out, etc.

    While I've been happy with every Remington / Kimber / Winchester / Ruger / Sako / Tikka that I've had over the years, none of them really fit the "Grail" category.

    My current "Grail" build criteria:

    -> High end action, CRF
    -> Caliber with enough horsepower to be effective for the game and distance that I want, but not overkill. (I'll probably settle on 300wm or 338wm)
    -> Heavy enough to not have horrible recoil, light enough to be mobile, no muzzle brake. (Loud noise makes me flinch)
    -> Good trigger, good synthetic stock that fits me, well put together, etc.

    I'm going with a Defiance Deviant CRF action and a Krieger stainless #19 barrel. Triggertech trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob View Post

    What rifle? the fullstocks
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    Quite few years ago I decided to start seriously looking for my dream rifle. It was a Ruger #1 full stock in 7x57. I hadn't seen many for sale and figured it would take months if not years to find.
    Lo and behold the first time I went on the ee to look there it was, the first rifle listed. Needless to say my search was over almost before it began.
    I have never regretted that purchase. Next to my father's hunting rifle that I now have it is still my favorite go to hunting gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reliablegun View Post
    Would have bought that in a heartbeat!
    I got soured on it, after a long search for ammo, brass, dies, projectile. 9 months in and hadn't shot it. I also have a old thread about too pretty to risk using guns, and was clearing out safe queens at the time.
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    My ideal hunting rifle would be a stainless morgan utah winchester model 70 short action with a proof or hardy carbon fibre wrapped barrel chambered in .260 remington sitting in a featherweight or wildcat composite stock.
    I can shoot a gun to make my lunch

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    Already got a whack of dream rifles in my collection. But today if you told me I could only have one hunting rifle, I figure I'd be looking for a .338 Win. Mag or .375 H&H. In semi auto with one he77 of an effective light weight muzzle break. Optics would be a 4 to 14x power with back up iron sights. Maybe over kill to some, but it would kill all critters on the planet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by racer111 View Post
    I don't know what you're talking about, but if it isn't made by H&K, it ain't sh*t.

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    My Steyr Scout with 2.5 Leopold is about as close to a grail that I own.
    My Marlin 336 Texan is close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maple57 View Post
    Aw C'mon

    What a bunch of Fudds

    How about a 30 round mag AR with co witnessed flip up irons and a red dot like I ran with naked and unafraid in the 80s?
    Man do I wish!
    Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

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