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Thread: Precision Optics Experience

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer remington jim's Avatar
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    Deep in the Darkest Bush there is !
    Omer is a GREAT Business Man ! Hes Loves what he does and ia also a Great Hunter ! Lots of REAL experience to offer ! He will have a Nice display at the WSS Convention here in Kamloops this coming weekend too ! RJ
    A 375 H&H Chambered rifle is the Real KING !

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    CGN Regular redrams9's Avatar
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    I also have had nothing but exceptional experience, service and advice from Omer over the years. Have bought at least 7-8 scopes, rifles, and other assorted hardware from Omer over the years, and every transaction was top notch! Have referred a bunch of shooting buddies to Omer over the years and all have had the same great experiences as me.
    Hard to find a retailer these days that’ll talk to you directly on on the phone and answer every question, take the time to make sure you are happy, and backs up his products. (Plus not many guys have Omer’s wealth of experience and use of the products he sells).
    I’ve also had Omer source me some pricey gear out of the States that no one in Canada had, and he really does go the extra mile for his customers.

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    I recently purchased my first Khales scope from them. They were very helpful on the phone. Easy to deal with

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    Just put my first order through with Omer and I must say.. immensely knowlegable and fantastic customer service.

    First of many orders I am sure.

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    I bought my stuff from them too, really good knowledge and customer service, way better than some store in north Toronto to be specific.

    Price does matter, but I don’t mind to pay more or same to get better service and deal with business who stand in your shoes when give you advice.

    By the way Go big tactical is another good place worth to check out too.

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    GTA, Belleville Ontario
    Great service and great prices. If Im im the market for some high end optics, hes the guy I would go to.

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    I bought a Nightforce on the Black Friday sale. Great price and very easy to deal with over the phone. Answered all my questions and it was super fast shipping. I will definatly be doing my scope shopping here now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longboat View Post
    I had a couple bad experiences ordering from 2 retailers recently. Not going to name names but they have items listed as in stock and able to be put in a cart and checkout. But they do not even have them in stock and after a few days I am told it will be here in a week or 2 or more. That's rediculous IMO. Just list it as out of stock!

    So I do a search and find Precision Optics had all items I need. Never dealt with them before. I call with a couple questions and am helped immediately. Order placed, shipped right away, and got here to Ontario from BC in 4 days.

    Tried them again for more items. The description for one of the items on their site did not match the manufacturer description. So I called to clarify the discrepancy and was helped immediately again. The dude on the phone physically checked the part to confirm it was what I thought it was, and fixed the description on their website right away on the spot. Instead of leaving it like that for years like alot of other people would do.

    Order sent out right away and here in 4 days again.

    No nonsense, no BS, good freindly customer service, fast shipping, nothing bad to say. If they take care of everybody like the did me they are worth a try...
    The best service around for sure, “the dude” you talked to on the phone was likely the owner, Omer. He’s a gem for sure!

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    Supporting Dealer plainSight Solutions's Avatar
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    Thanks for the kind words all! It's a sincere pleasure to speak with the the many customers who call in - the very best part of this job!

    Never hesitate to give us a call if you're looking for assistance finding the right firearm/optic/accessory at the best price!

    Best Regards,


    Omer Hrbinic
    Tell: 1 (250) 747-1621
    Cell: 1 (250) 991-1406

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    Omer is fantastic...most knowledgeable optics/firearms guy I have ever dealt with. He is honest, sincere, and truly cares about the products he merchandises.
    Glen T. from MB

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