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Thread: Precision Optics Experience

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    I think the first time I ever called the place, I ended up talking to Omer for about an hour.

    Ordered a scope, he honoured an old (lower) price even after it had changed.

    Scope ended up needing warranty repair, fresh out of the box unfortunately. They helped me out in a very quick and painless fashion. I think I had my replacement within a week.

    I would deal with Omer and his crew again, anytime, without hesitation! Would definitely recommend to others as well.

    Thank you for your help and excellent service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longboat View Post
    I had a couple bad experiences ordering from 2 retailers recently. Not going to name names but they have items listed as in stock and able to be put in a cart and checkout. But they do not even have them in stock and after a few days I am told it will be here in a week or 2 or more. That's rediculous IMO. Just list it as out of stock!

    So I do a search and find Precision Optics had all items I need. Never dealt with them before. I call with a couple questions and am helped immediately. Order placed, shipped right away, and got here to Ontario from BC in 4 days.

    Tried them again for more items. The description for one of the items on their site did not match the manufacturer description. So I called to clarify the discrepancy and was helped immediately again. The dude on the phone physically checked the part to confirm it was what I thought it was, and fixed the description on their website right away on the spot. Instead of leaving it like that for years like alot of other people would do.

    Order sent out right away and here in 4 days again.

    No nonsense, no BS, good freindly customer service, fast shipping, nothing bad to say. If they take care of everybody like the did me they are worth a try...
    Omer is THE best, best service, usually best prices. The dude you talked to was most likely him and he owns the place. always my first stop when I need something.

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    Omer is legit. I bought a terrapin X from him and couldn't have been happier with the level of service. Would go out of my way to deal with him again in the future.

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    Omer and I believe Michael whom I dealt with recently are very professional and will be getting my repeat business.
    "What we got here is a failure to communicate"

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    Just wanted to give one more 'two thumbs' up for Precision Optics and Omer. Recently purchased a spotting scope. Omer is a wealth of knowledge and he helped me pick out the right setup. I didn't even know we had such a great store only an hour away in Quesnel.

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