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Thread: anyone bought the right hand shadow 2 safety from Tenda?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenda View Post
    Hello, the safety is right handed.
    Sorry for the late response, most of our team just came back from IWA.
    If you have any questions, please don't feel hesitate to call us at 905-5974772
    still doesn't answer the question, right handed shooter extended on left side? Right handed can mean for a right handed shooter, or on the right side.

    Quote Originally Posted by Necro Monger View Post
    If you look at the pictures it's exactly the same safety in both pictures. It's just flipped upside down in the picture of just the safety. Still better to confirm with the store if there's any doubt.
    no it isn't, look at the bevel at the top with the pistol picture (left side), and flat on the bottom. The picture with the safety only has the bevel still on top, flat at bottom (right side).

    the page contradicts itself, and the answer does too.

    Guess I'll order from FOC, as not worth taking a chance without a correct answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatman1793 View Post
    Tenda doesn't respond to initial emails.
    4 days for the second email.
    Not Performance.
    Iíve been hesitant to complain about service from any vendors on the site but I ordered a holster from Tenda and it came without the screws to attach it to the belt mount. No big deal, so I emailed Tenda, no reply. Emailed a second time and the answer I received was to take it up with the manufacturer. They shipped a product missing complements and made zero effort to help fix the issue. Thankfully BladeTech was great and sent me the hardware at no cost. I wonít buy from Tenda again.

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    Has anyone tried it on a CZ SP01?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiniMe View Post
    Has anyone tried it one a CZ SP01?
    The shadow 2 safety will not work on the SP01, the shadow 2 is wider than the SP01.
    Don't worry about it, you'll just get a headache

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