As spring dawns in a new year we have been very quiet, working diligently to improve our customer service.

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, and supporters for their patience and patronage over the past four years as we have grown from a small startup to a young company.

Black Box Customs is proud to announce our next phase of growth - we are focusing on improving the client experience and customer service. We are firmly committed to our core value, which is to provide the Canadian shooting community the highest quality service possible. Delivered in a respectable time frame and without compromising the quality of our workmanship.

Our recent growth includes additional staff, facilities and equipment. All in an effort to reduce lead times, improve the accuracy of work and provide our customers a complete service. Regardless whether a project is big or small.

The sales team growth includes the addition of Devon MacCarthy, formerly from Freedom Ventures. Devon brings years of 1911/2011 experience in house to help service a broader market of client requests, action shooting interests and contribute to the overall customer service experience.

We also wanted to take this moment to reflect on humility and forgiveness. We are aware in prior years that not all of our clients received the care and attention they deserve and that we may have delivered a poor customer service experience. We encourage anyone in this category to consider forgiveness and reach out to us so we can forge better relationships, provide you the service you deserve and earn your faith again with our new team.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to another great year.