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Thread: Dominion 7.62x39 Velocity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig0ry View Post
    It’s kind of funny, I get a massive fireball out of my 7.5” AR15 with Norinco but not with Czech ammo
    Czech has flash retarders in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLCB View Post
    Czech has flash retarders in it.
    Makes sense
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    Quote Originally Posted by saskcop View Post
    Sounds like you are getting short-changed, underpowered ammo with Dominion. For a few bucks more, a person can get a case of Barnaul, which in my experience in the past has been pretty darn good stuff.
    Nah, just the opposite. The Dominion runs better than Barnaul in my AR15s. Plus with Barnaul you have to dick around with the little cardboard boxes and paper wrapper.

    And let’s face it, very few people shooting steel case x39 ammo is going to experience any performance difference between ammo brands.
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    I found a round that would not chamber in 2 CZ 527's in 7.62x39, the SKS ate the round but stove piped on extraction. This is the first SKS stovepipe I have ever had to be honest. I am still working through my first 1000 rds of the Can-Am remanufactured ammo. It works ok but will buy other options in the future as its just not consistent for accuracy or chambering and removing after firing. Some rounds seem to stick a bit or take more force to cycle the bolt to either close or open the bolt after the round is fired on the CZ527s. On the SKS they eat them just fine and shoot SKS accuracy.

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    The barnaul fmj result in my testing ran 2300fps in a cz carbine. Also hornady 123 sst is really slow, barely 2200 fps; and the fastest stuff that i ever tested in mine was the mfs 125 grain soft point that ran an impressive 2481fps- 2520fps at 15degrees. federal fusion runs 2340fps; federal fmj runs 2360, If I am just plinking and not loading or hunting , the barnaul is pretty good stuff, averaging about 1 1/4 moa for five round groups.

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    I believe that Barnaul claims their fmj stuff is supposed to approximate mil spec for the 7.62x39. That being said, I have found Hornady stuff to be very slow; but that being said it typically is the most accurate stuff I have seen in that caliber.
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