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Thread: Black Creek Labs Announcement - Please Read

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    Quote Originally Posted by r34skyline View Post

    NEA/BCL? They are one of the laughing stocks of the ar world along with anderson or olympic arms. I am frankly embarrassed that canadians wave that garbage with pride.
    I never experienced Olympic arms but I heard of their less than stellar reputation. I don't feel comfortable when you compare NEA to Anderson arms. At the very least they innovated by making a lube free coating with their ARs. I wouldn't trust it but there's nothing stopping you from running it wet regardless. At the very least their parts appear to be mil spec so you are guaranteed a certain level of compatibility. NEA/BCL makes their parts proprietary for no damn reason and it doesn't help that their QC is garbage.

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    This was supposed to be an announcement about changes at BCL not a bash BCL thread so I am locking it for a bit.

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