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Thread: Remington 1875 Pistol by Crosman

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    Remington 1875 Pistol by Crosman

    Remington 1875 Pistol
    CO2 Powered BB/Pellet Revolver (Model: RR1875)

    • Realistic Remington 1875 look
    • Single action
    • Dual ammo (BB & pellet)
    • Nickel finish with faux ivory grip
    • Functional hammer, load gate and extractor

    Available at dealers now!

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    I have seen these at princess auto, would be nice to bring in pietta or Taylor in .45 LC or .44-.40!

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    I've had one of these for about a year or so now, they're really great little CO2 guns. Mine's pretty accurate, but perhaps the best part of them is the feel, they feel great and you get three clicks as the hammer comes back. Mine also fits perfectly in an actual Remington 1875 holster. Glad to see more of these getting sold here in Canada!

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