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Thread: US Optics: B10, BFX-10, SVS1-6 in stock

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    US Optics: B10, BFX-10, SVS1-6 in stock

    We have received our first shipment of US Optics. More to come soon and several models pre-sold before arrival!

    B17, B25 models still available for pre-order. JVCR models on order!

    US Optics: B-10 1.8-10x40mm GAP Reticle $2565 (sold out more on order!) vs $2700 retail

    US Optics: BFX-10 10x40mm GAP Reticle $1925 (one in stock) vs $2025 retail

    US Optics: SVS 1-6x24mm MIL Scale reticle $1665 (one in stock) vs $1750 retail
    Go Big Tactical is an authorized dealer for US Optics

    Be sure to check if you qualify for one of our discount programs (First Responder/LEO, Veteran)

    Cash lay-away plans can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at if interested in purchasing!
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