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Thread: Kel Tec SU16 NR 485.13USD

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    U think it carries 2. But it's been a while since I had mine out

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    my buddy and I both bought sub2K's when they first came out......mine blew up first...took the side and hinge out......then awhile later same thing happened to him. Neither of us were was good and the pressures went out the ejection port and magwell...blowing out the mag

    Appears they both fired out of battery. Kel tec warranty was awesome....replaced them no problems...but I sold mine. Since then I have owned a KSG and a those, really well made awesome guns.

    I have been tempted many times to get a SU16, but to be honest i don't trust folding polymer receivers with polymer hinges anymore.....kel tec makes awesome stuff....but i IMHO that design aspect in those 2 rifles is not a good idea.
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    I've put 1000s of rounds through my SU16CA.
    Most of it high pressure 5.56 level reloads.
    I don't think I've ever had a single malfunction.
    The rifle is lightweight and accurate, perfect with a red dot sight. Mines got a Bushnell TRS-25 that its worn since the day I bought it.
    Its not really a "go to war" rifle in terms of robustness but as a nicely portable "Sport Utility" rifle its really a great option.
    If you want some interesting videos regarding its philosophy of use check out nutnfancy"s viseos on youtube or check out the Kel-Tec owners forum.

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    Was that price a temporary promotion? According to website it's now $525

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    Only personal experience but I have 1000 rounds through su16 and not a single malfunction, I've taken it apart and inspected, all components and although much is polymer, it has held togethor extremely well. I did buy new screws from mcarbo with a trigger kit which made it really nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airbatic View Post
    U think it carries 2. But it's been a while since I had mine out
    It should fit two 10rd mags or one bigger mag.

    Been tempted to try this gun for some time, good price for a NR semi that's not an SKS. Gonna have to pass this time though, need a new (to me) truck before i buy more guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_1982 View Post
    The SU16 was the first rifle I ever owned, so I always click when I see it come up- for nostalgia I guess. I loved mine, 10 round pistol mags, super light and ai actually did use the built in bipod.

    From what I see, some receivers are still cracking but it does seem rare... but really shouldn’t happen. For this price, so long as you treat it as an occasional plinker that can fit in your back pack I like it. Just don’t expect the receiver to outlast the barrel if you’re shooting thousands of rounds.
    The cracking issue was resolved quite some time ago, the op rod which screwed into the bolt became loose and turned a few threads leading to bolt over travel, and thus cracking the rear of the upper. All op rods are now staked to prevent this happening. I have never had a problem with this rifle and it has been heavily used in less than ideal conditions.

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