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Thread: 81 Percent of the Responses Said No Gun Ban

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    Quote Originally Posted by MustangFrank View Post
    In person round table discussions are usually evenly divided between the two polar opposite sides so it makes sense there is a more evenly divided opinion. When the participants are not pre selected based on their leanings, we get the true picture with 81% against the ban. But yet they still try to water down the obvious results.
    I think it isn't quite that simple. I suspect the 81% is more based on 81% don't think a ban is needed. There is a difference versus actually being opposed.

    I think the amount is purely because of the power of social media. The government tried to push their agenda using 2013 as a magic date and that the 50% of guns are domestically sourced. Once this was debunked it was much quicker to get out to people because of Facebook, etc. Plus educating the public who don't have any interest in guns on what the exact gun regulations have helped. Hell the existing restrictions on tracking handguns probably helped because of the fact they are tracked. I would almost guess that if we didn't have that, we wouldn't have the ammo (pun intended) to back our arguments.

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    Blair is pretty clear that the report outcome etc is not going to affect what the Government considers 'the right thing to do'.................

    Mr. Blair, who crossed the country engaging a range of people from Olympic marksmen to gun-violence victims on the issue, warned against conflating the summary report with the government’s intentions. “I think it’s important to acknowledge there was a great diversity of opinion and disagreement on the issue," he told The Globe and Mail. "I would not encourage people to draw a conclusion from that about what then is the right thing to do.”
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    An important thing to note in this study is the numbers of non gun owners who voted against bans.

    Granted, many might be friends and family, but I think the generation that is afraid of guns is dying off. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's true.

    The current generation does not fear guns. They have grown up with video games, YouTube and other influences that have disrupted the narrative. They better understand that crime causes crime. Poverty brings crime. Drugs bring crime.

    To me, that's the most revealing part of this study. The anti narrative is the narrative of the radical left. They are losing the mainstream. That's good news, because politicians get elected by the middle, not the fringes.
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    Is that the questionnaire that had no character limit on all the text boxes after each question lol? Thanks rangebob for the copious amounts of info I pasted into each one haha
    Ah Crap!

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    It is April right now and the election is October. Summer is coming - they have no time to pass any law.

    My prediction is that they will dangle the ban carrot in front of their fanatics base and will remain wishy washy to save their rural and outer suburb MPs. Gun ban is either irrelevant or unpopular amongst Canadians, other than those in the left leaning cities who never vote for CPC anyways. It won't buy more votes than they already have.

    At the rate the poll is going right now, they needs every single MP. Gun ban or not Toronto or Montreal centers will not vote for the CPC, where the libs will be competing against the NDP. In the outer suburbs and rural areas, gun ban is either irrelevant or actually damaging to their prospect.

    I do not think they really want to talk any more on this until after election. Banning gun is not going to give them the win, it will actually damage them in the swinging suburbs and rural areas.

    But this only happens because every gun owner got off their butt and participated in the consultation, instead of being pessimistic and arguing against the political process. It is skewed but if you don't play you don't get paid!
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    193 days until those....hosers are out of a job. I had to try very hard not to use other, more accurate adjectives to describe the PM and his gang of chronies.
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    One thing is cristal clear they know that minimum 100K votes would swing out with an agressive law, they need all the votes they can get.

    In Québec they are losing serious support on the island of Montréal, never thought ide see that.
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    81% is awesome !

    The people have spoken

    Keep fighting the liberal party disarming Canada agenda !!!

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    One battle won, but the war isn't over yet. We need a big win in October.
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    "In contrast, most questionnaire respondents (representing a self-selected group of Canadians) were opposed to a ban."

    Exactly what does 'self selected' mean? Because it sounds like they're spinning it as 135000 responses that aren't representative of democracy.

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