Happy Saturday TNA Family!
The above picture about sums up my cognitive abilities the last time I ordered from Maple Ridge Armouries. Thanks Ryan for not noticing that my order was nonsense..

Anyways I ordered about 4x what I needed in terms of AR15 parts that now need to find new homes ASAP.

I've spoken with the boss man and we dropped the prices a bit.
I can also offer a FREE mystery AR15 Upper AND FREE AR15 work mat with the purchase of ANY Maple Ridge Armouries Barrel or handguard.
Heck I'll even extend this offer to those of you buying 308 parts.
That;s over $100 in freebees + a bit of a cash discount to boot.
Limited time (expires Monday night) while supplies last

MRA has some of the lightest barrels and hand guards in Canada. All Made in Canada with Canadian talent.
If you want to support the home front this is the brand for you!


Grab it here if you are in need.

The barrels all shoot sub MOA and are finished like a super grade match. Lots of detail oriented hand finishing done here.

Help Me out and grab some of these parts to finish all your new lowers

Stanley and the Gang

Back by request,

Stanley's endless pit of AR knowledge, fun fact 123.456

The buffer retainer is simply a convenience item and does not need to be in your firearm to function. In-fact if you are having inconsistencies cambering a fresh round and the face of your buffer is chewed, there is a good chance that your buffer retainer is facked. An offset buffer retainer is your fix.