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Thread: Exciting new Hornady Bullet - A-Tip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svt40 fan View Post
    i'm sorry but long range and hunting shouldn't be used in the same sentence.
    It's all relative.

    What do you tell the guys that miss 100 yard shots?
    Excuses are not reasons.

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    i just came here for the tip
    “No man escapes when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails; and they who cried: “Appease, Appease!” are hanged by men they tried to please.”

    food for though for some of the members on here...

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    As noted above, the two sku's Bullseye listed are the only projectiles that have shipped into Canada yet. We are expecting the other items to arrive in the coming weeks.

    We are proud to offer these excellent brands to the Canadian Market: Leupold, Hornady, Kimber, PROOF Research, Eley ammunition, Ruger, POF Rifles, Ravin Archery, PSE Archery, MTM, Allen, and other accessory brands.

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