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Thread: NEW: Troy 102 Non Restricted Semi Auto Rifle, PRESALE NOW LIVE!

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    Iím happy with mine. Mid 300 serial # with the duel ejectors. Works with c-products mags. Only about 60 rounds so far but no issues. Completely stock no mods shoots around 1-1.25 moa with my hand loads (150 SGK and varget). Can only get better with a new trigger and some more fine tuning of the handloads.
    Will you be bringing in any uppers? Would like one in .243.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
    We have more on the way but we are currently sold out. We have imported 4 shipments of Troy 102's so far. TSE only imported one. Except for about 5-6 soft bolts on the very first batch we haven't had any other issues with batches after that.

    Well i've got one, how do I know if my bolt is ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chanrobi View Post
    Well i've got one, how do I know if my bolt is ok?
    We’ve already identified the people and replaced them.


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