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Thread: Samson Manufacturing Mini-14 factory folder type stock?

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    I thought 580 mini14/30 all the stocks are interchangable?
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    Quote Originally Posted by homeboy1 View Post
    I want one. Don't even own the rifle but will buy one as soon as I get the folder. know, I was thinking along those same lines

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    I had an original .223 SST Ruger with the factory stock back in the early 80's on the north coast of BC.
    Was a hoot with military surplus ammo (20 rounds for $2.00) and 30 round aftermarket magazines (If I recall Ruger only made factory 20 round extended magazines).
    It was a handy rifle but the side folder always seemed to dig into the pack at the wrong time. It was also pretty heavy for the caliber.
    I ended up replacing the "battle sights" with a smaller rear aperture to try and wring out as much accuracy as I could.
    No matter what I did or what combination of ammo I used I could never get it under 3-4" at 100 yards. As soon as the pencil barrel started to heat up the rounds would start walking all over the place.
    It would take abuse and keep going. Not sure what the wood was but it was dense. On several occasions I picked it up expecting the wood to be dinged, gouged, etc... but it barely showed. Might have had to do with the 1/2" thick clear coat they used on it.
    When we started to hang out in areas that had more of grizzly bears, I switched over to a Rem 870 that I had hard chromed (blued version started rusting during the first downpour) running slugs as te bush was pretty thick.

    It was a cool gun to look at, the folding stock was probably one of the most expensive I've ever seen (it was a work of art), worked flawlessly and was tight either folded or unfolded, but it would not shoot worth a damn.
    Only gun I"ve ever sold that I don't miss occasionally. Just couldn't get past the large group sizes and crappy trigger.

    Having said that, it would be fun to relive my youth. I hear the retooled Mini (decades ago?) shoot better than my original series. Be a fun range trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    Big grain of salt because it's a rumour I heard, I think Ruger might be offering rifles with these stocks from factory
    According to Samson on the video, Ruger is having Samson make them using Ruger molds and dies

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Shmoo View Post
    Kinda sucks if they won't support the 180 series, I have a 187- ranch rifle that would be a pretty nifty little toy with that.
    I think they just mean the 180 series rifles only. They were a different beast than 181 series and onwards.
    When they came for my Full auto machine gun, no one did a thing, as it didn't affect them. When they came for my Converted auto, they still said nothing. When they came for my Handguns and Semi-autos they were still too scared to say anything. When they came for my single shot bolt-action .22 rifle, there was no one left to help me.
    Is this what we want to see in our future?

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