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Thread: Samson Manufacturing Mini-14 factory folder type stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300Spartans View Post
    I don't like the A2 grip. It should utilize a grip that mimics, if not outright copies, the design of the original grip.
    Samson May have just fixed those complaints, judging by the photo they just posted on their Facebook page.
    When they came for my Full auto machine gun, no one did a thing, as it didn't affect them. When they came for my Converted auto, they still said nothing. When they came for my Handguns and Semi-autos they were still too scared to say anything. When they came for my single shot bolt-action .22 rifle, there was no one left to help me.
    Is this what we want to see in our future?

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    Had a Flacon, pretty kool. Saw a GB sit in EE for awhile last year, with that same stock.. I didnt have extra $ to buy it...

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