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Thread: Wolverine & Kodiak - Announcement

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    Even with a $100 million airplane, we still get quality escapes.
    Sometimes, all we can do is issue a "Special Inspection and Rectification" Service Bulletin.
    That may result in a successfully examined part getting a part number suffix added or some such, and new production getting a part number roll.
    If safety of flight is affected, airworthiness authorities will mandate the SB with an Airworthiness Directive.
    Doesn't matter the size of the company or the value of the product, $h!t does happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyroma View Post
    Hey All...

    I sent my bolt carrier group to Kodiak last week… A brand new one arrived today, complete with new threaded charging handle. I am very pleased with this result and kudos go out to Kodiak for taking ownership of their Product.

    Did you send the bolt carrier complete or take the firing pin and everything out of it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuffs06 View Post
    Did you send the bolt carrier complete or take the firing pin and everything out of it?
    Take it all out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuffs06 View Post
    Did you send the bolt carrier complete or take the firing pin and everything out of it?

    I left all the parts in.
    Bolt got there today and is already on its way back
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameron SS View Post
    I see it more a case of configuration management that you would expect of a small company, and not wanting to add $50 in cost to each rifle to maintain exact records of each subcomponent that went into each firearm.

    All of their parts are made in batches. Different subcomponent batches becoming available at different points in the production run. They might not know which firearms exactly went out the door with the new bad BCGS or with one of the old good ones. On any given day the guy assembling could have had access to both and without knowing any meaningful difference may have grabbed them randomly. It would be a full time job to serialize and log each component to each gun and be able to trace back to each PO or WO that created the specific subcomponent for known manufacturing issues. Taken to extremis you could have 1000 guns with hundreds of different configurations.

    In a small one man shop its to keep great control of parts cause its all in your head. In large companies with full time QA and CM departments yeah they would have a more precise grip on stuff like this. But middle weight companies just arent going to be like that without hurting the bottom line, and all just in case.

    In the end, they know when the bad BCGs came into circulation, and know they when the bad BCGs were quarantined. And they know the guns that left the plant during that date range, and have issued the recall accordingly. That's about as good as its going to get without a full time configuration manager and that kind of inventory control over rather inexpensive parts would significantly slow production and drive cost.
    The only three industries I've worked in where final products are serialized in order to allow traceability are in aerospace, medicine, and nuclear. Everywhere else would be a waste of time and a very expensive proposition. Caging parts for batch identification would be a logistic pain in the butt, not to mention the real estate it takes up. You would also need to take into account inventory methods such as LIFO (Last In First Out) or FIFO (First In First Out).

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    Does anyone have a picture of the new stamped bolt carrier?

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    Got mine back yesterday, replaced, as it was nitrited.

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    mine too back yesterday

    EXCELLENT service to Kodiak and Wolwerine

    Thumbs up

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    Both of mines were replaced by new non nitrided ones. Good service Kodiack.
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    Thank you for the information.

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