Wanted to post my experience at NM Inc I was referred by a CGN member to purchase a Norgon ambi catch, because of my excitement and being a noob! I ordered the ambi for the AR15 instead of the AR heavy(AR10). So when it arrived my excitement dwindled and the noob in me was not impressed!
That being said I contacted NMI and spoke with a team member and explained to him that the noob in me took over! he got a good chuckle and said that if it was unopened I may return the product for store credit. Which was awesome! TY and maybe for the best, now I can get the Raptor SD charging handle and the proper ambi catch.I usually don't order online, but in this case I did and I would recommend the great CS and excellent shipping that I have experienced from the team at NMI. And certainly increases my trust in online purchases.

TY, NMI. Team