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Thread: FN PS90 rifles, barrels, mags, brass catcher everything you need in stock...

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    NR model please!

    I'd like to go for coyote with one of these.

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    anyone else regretting not buying one when they were 2k converted to 10" all said and done?

    I would love to snag one of these up but I really don't want to go through doing the conversion myself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartok5 View Post
    Not if IRG is willing to bring it in, otherwise yes. For instance, there is currently no vendor in Canada with stock of either the FN or Federal offerings. Tradex (the usual source), is sold out. I am glad that I laid in 2000 rounds when I could, but that won't last long if I keep feeding both my Five-seveN and PS90.

    What do you say IRG, are you going to offer the ammo again for these difficult-to-feed firearms?
    Try telephoning BassPro.
    A few months back I called their Moncton store and confirmed they had several cases of FNH SS197SR in stock (even tough their website showed no stock at all Canadian locations). Cheers

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    Is there no factory 10” civilian ps90

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