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Thread: Colt 1918 SLR $4000 Off or Best Offer

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    Colt 1918 SLR $4000 Off or Best Offer

    We have what is likely the last Colt 1918 SLR (Self Loading Rifle or Browning BAR) available in Canada up for a great deal. There were 1,000 of these made by Ohio Ordnance and of those 1,000 only 10 were brought into Canada. This beautiful piece is chambered in 30-06, comes with two 20 round magazines pinned to 5, a leather sling, custom Colt cleaning kit, manual and a beautiful Italian leather locking display case. We are also including an authentic WWII Bronze Star with the rifle.

    We're asking $12,500 for this rifle but we have marked our last one down to $8500 OBO. We will be accepting offers for the rest of the month and sell it to the best offer or will sell it immediately for the reduced price of $8500. Shipping and insurance will be up to the buyer to take care of. Reasonable payment plans will be considered. You can see the gun on our site here. Give us a call or send us a message with any questions or to make an offer!

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    Might I suggest an online auction?
    I'm interested but not at the price you have (reduced) it listed for...particularly in the POLITICAL CLIMATE WE ARE CURRENTLY IMMERSED IN.
    Haven't the foggiest as to how to run such an auction - but certainly it could be something similar to a "silent auction" - something I'm prepared to enter.
    If your "reserve" is $8500 OBO, I suspect a silent auction will work to your benefit with a clear timeline and conclusion.

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    Or make a draw .....I am sure people would buy a ''bumper stick'' for $85 for one of those..... 1 chance on 100

    Pretty good to me

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    What an amazing piece

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    Ya do a raffle 10 bucks a ticket I’d take ten for a chance at it but like others said with the political side of things it could be a tough sell as she is too nice to have to bury in the dirt out back lol
    Gun control hell give everyone a gun it might be messy for the first few years but once people learn you may get shot for robbing stores and doing dumb ass s**t to the honest people out there things will settle down. NOW THATS GUN CONTROL AT ITS BEST

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    Id be in for a couple bumper stickers at $85ea

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr33zi3 View Post
    id be in for a couple bumper stickers at $85ea
    #me too!!!! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadLieutenant View Post
    Or make a draw .....I am sure people would buy a ''bumper stick'' for $85 for one of those..... 1 chance on 100

    Pretty good to me
    I'd be in, if they didnt sell out before I got one. I feel like that those would go fast.

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    Id be in aswell

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    Selling raffling tickets or chances to win through proxy objects is a gaming event. It is illegal without a lottery license. Lottery license will not be issued unless the entity is a registered not for profit or charity.

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