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Thread: In stock AR-15's

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    In stock AR-15's

    We have some AR-15's in stock and can get them out to the store of your choice asap.

    If you want one of these, contact your favorite store and get them to order it for you.


    Model #

    60560 Panther 308

    60542 Recon

    60521 3G1

    60531 Oracle

    60220 G2 AP4 308

    60232 G2 MOE 308

    60230 G2 SASS 308

    60218 Lite 16M


    Model #

    90829 16" MOE

    90827 16" MOE Mid length

    91056 Minimalist SD

    Signature Series

    Model #

    GS020 Range Runner

    • Chambered in .223/5.56, the best of both worlds.
    • Odin Works 16", 1:8" twist, .223 Wylde chamber?; safely fires .223 and 5.56mm ammunition.
    • Radian weapons charging handle, fit and function for everyone.
    • Talon ambidextrous safety, 45/90 degree option for the most natural selection.
    • Magpul® MIAD® grip, for positive control and adaptability.
    • Magpul® STR® stock, comfort and storage together at last.
    • Midwest Industries 15" M-LOKT free float handguard, super slim with endless possible configurations.
    • Lancer Adaptive Magwell, filling the orifice has never been easier.
    • Lancer Nitrous Compensator, multiple "tunable" exhaust jets allow you to manipulate recoil to perfectly suit your needs.
    • Magpul® 30/5 round M2 PMAG® included, legendary performance that will never let you down.
    • Hard case included for peace of mind.

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    What the MSRP on the GS020 Range Runner?

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