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Thread: BCL-102 on Sale...what vintage are they?

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    BCL-102 on Sale...what vintage are they?

    A BCL-102 for your sale price has me pretty interested. I understand that early guns tended to have problems, but the most recent production is doing much better. recent is the production dates of your sale guns?

    TIA for any info...
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    The ad also says they’re anodized. Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengoo View Post
    ...the most recent production is doing much better...
    BCL quality and specs change by the minute. By most recent production, you mean the last rifle that just came off the line?

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    I had a gen 1 and now have a gen 2 or 3. No issues to speak of with either. They get a bad rep but are good rifles. A lot of the complaints are from people that replaced parts and knew very little about the rifle which led to them having issues. These rifles are nicely finished and controls are really nice actually. I really like mine. You won't best the features for the price, that's for sure.
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