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Thread: Wolverine's Breakfast Club - S1E1

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    You should try a live show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drill702 View Post
    You should try a live show.
    Perhaps we will, perhaps we will
    - .303
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    Great idea guys.

    Potential format:
    Have a look what's new coming to be sold in your store, ie new product. Could be next year or the next week.

    Review a popular firearm / optic - pros and cons, disassembly, clean and operation, shoot a few rounds for accuracy, have fun - per show.

    And a key hot topic now, the dreaded C-71, not that everyone hates it (which we all do), but the specific impact of it, how it effects each of us clause by clause.

    If a ban happens, again, specifics of how that effects everyone, no embellishments, just the facts..

    Don't get political, there's other forums for that, just keep to factual information and impact.

    You represent a popular and well known organization who are most likely receiving information from many sources. Become a source of knowledge, known for accuracy and being unbiased.

    Just my 2c worth.

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    I would like your thoughts on the Canadian firearms industry and user base and how we can all effectively rally to protect our wide and varied hobbies. Also, you comments on the buy and sell market in Canada.

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