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Thread: Call Your MP about the Liberals Secret Gun Plan ( Ban ) Now

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    I just called and got through, I had good 9 minute conversation following up on my email - and gave them my details.
    Quote Originally Posted by greentips View Post
    Please CALL, not just email.

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    Did my part, email followed by phone call to Anju Dhillon, MP for Dorval—Lachine—LaSalle.

    An aide took notes and confirmed calls/complaints are compiled for stats.

    Time perhaps wasted in this deep core lieberal riding but I did my share.

    Do it. I want my kids and grand kids to enjoy the pleasure of shooting ARs and pistols, just like I currently do.
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    What do you need a brake on a 5.56mm firearm for? You should just slip a maxipad under your bra strap to dampen the hellish recoil.
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    Phoned my MP, they've been getting calls about this which is good news, people are taking action!
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    I did, I may post the email reply shortly.
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    Back in Greater Vancouver
    Mine is NDP as well, but it was a good conversation, respectful and sympathised.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chilidip View Post
    My MP is NDP, he is already well aware of my stance regarding more firearms laws. At this point a discussion with the potted fern in my rec room would likely be more beneficial.

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    Phoned my MP's office..

    You guys really need to do this!!
    They haven't heard alot about this on their end with people calling in about it (at least my MP anyway).

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdmer View Post
    Mine is NDP as well, but it was a good conversation, respectful and sympathised.
    My last conversation with mine he advised while C-71 was not ideal it was at least a step in the right direction and would have his full support as it restored some of the controls weakened by the Conservatives. I respectfully let him know I disagreed and pointed out how the "controls" were a sham at best and he advised we would need to agree to disagree.

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    I phoned my mp a few weeks ago on the subject. They agreed with me, bit I was told there was nothing we could do until October.

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    Emailed my Liberal MP.

    Dear Mr. Alghabra, the rumor of an upcoming gun ban that isn't being denied by minister Blair is unacceptable. I can't help but feel as if legal gun owners are being used as a diversionary tactic to take pressure off of Mr. Trudeau and his scandals with SNC Lavalin and Mr. Norman's case.

    Using an OIC to push through bad laws is an abuse of power and an attack on millions on gun owning Canadians that have been deemed fit to own firearms by the RCMP. It's time to stop virtue signaling to the masses that firearm restrictions prevent criminals from committing violence, this simply isn't so.

    100,000 responses to the government survey clearly showed that further restrictions on legal firearms owners is not the desired tactic of Canadians. Get tough on criminals, not law abiding citizens!


    Mississauga ON

    And got a rather quick reply.

    Dear Keller,

    Thank you for taking the time to write to me and offer your thoughts on the handgun ban.

    Our government, along with all Canadians are alarmed by the rise in gun violence in the Toronto area and across the country. We are taking this phenomenon extremely seriously and will be examining all tools available to combat it.

    It is a complicated subject that crosses the jurisdictions of municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments.

    Our government has brought together a National Summit on Guns and Gangs to hear from and work with provinces and territories, cities, police, border officials, and community groups who are on the front lines of the fight against violence.

    In support of this collaboration, we are investing $327.6 million over five years and $100 million annually thereafter to fund initiatives aimed at reducing gun crime and criminal gang activities.

    Our government is proposing a series of measures that represent reasonable, practical, common-sense approach to firearms policy that will help our community less vulnerable to violence from firearms, while also maintaining a fair and manageable framework for law-abiding firearms owners and businesses.

    There is no one right policy answer to this challenge. Itís been reported that close to 50% of guns used in crimes were legally purchased in Canada. As a responsible government, we have to examine all options, including a ban on handguns and assault weapons. Our government have consulted widely to strike a balance that is fair, effective, practical, and safe. Our proposal will achieve a fair compromise between the rights of law-abiding gun owners and public safety.

    We also need to continue to strengthen border monitoring to combat gun smuggling into Canada.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. Your feedback is valuable during this consultation process and I appreciated your thoughtful analysis.

    Warmest Regards,

    Omar Alghabra

    Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeadyEye View Post
    I have e-mailed Dan Ruimy the Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge MP.

    Only received and automated notification that my e-mail was received, no reply that he has read it.

    Interestingly, his web site does not state that he is a Liberal MP.
    I emailed him once. Got an interesting reply. The usual liberal b.s. that this will make us safer etc but he was also a former shooter and r.s.o. He knows whocsigns his cheque so he does what he's told.
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