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Thread: Exclusive 18.6 Faxon .308 Win Big Gunner Barrels Now Available $399.99

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    I’d also be interested in this but in pencil
    Sales are final and offers are valid for 24hrs.

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    How much of a weight difference between the Faxon barrel and the OEM barrel. Ty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danzMtl View Post
    I wanna know that too from someone that has

    And would they work with a regular AR-15 rifle length gas tube or they need the ARMALITE rifle length gas tube?
    I purchased two of these barrels and just waiting for shims before I install the barrels. I'm very interested to know if these take rifle length gas tubes or Armalite rifle length gas tubes. From what I understand the Armalite ones are impossible to find in Canada and almost impossible to import.
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    Standard gas tubes.

    Put 150 rounds downrange, shoots well enough for me. I was using a 4x optic and made lots of hits at 500m with respectable groups for how poorly set up I was Haha.

    Very happy with the purchase.
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    Another vote for the pencil. I know it may have been a one time run to begin with, but there’s still a huge market to make another batch.
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    Wonder if it’s worth going for the Faxon match barrel over the standard one

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    Does anyone know how the weight of this compares to the factory Stag .308 barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian-Sniper View Post
    Does anyone know how the weight of this compares to the factory Stag .308 barrel?
    You will save an entire pound. 3 lbs 3.2 oz original vs 2 lbs 2.8 oz for the Faxon. Very happy with mine so far. Keep in mind you might need an Armalite length gas tube. Mine worked just fine with the original tube though.
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