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Thread: ACTION:Feds look to clamp down on guns ‘designed to hunt people’

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer49 View Post
    Eugene Stoner might "beg to differ" ...
    Stoner didn't make the AR15 (scaling down the AR10), Jim Sullivan and Bob Fremont did. Stoner didn't think much of a smaller caliber rifle, he kinda got pushed to design the bullet for it with Remington but that's about it.

    It's still his design since the AR15 is a scaled-down AR10 (notwhitstanding the design changes Sullivan did on the AR10 too, i;e: the centered over the bore gas tube/key/cam pin and rear charging handle).

    And yes it was an AR15 before it was an XM16 since it was originally an ArmaLite designated rifle.
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