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Thread: Last pre C71 NR purchase...

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    This tread is no more on bolt action rifles.

    Wolverine feel free to close it. Thanks.
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    What about a Tikka TAC A1?

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    I have not personally handled the DD gun but it is not a "Top Shelf" bolt action based on the many reviews I have read.

    As others have mentioned, a Cadex Rifle (I am a well known non Cadex lover but their products are very nice and I have handled and shot their rifles) or an AI are actual top shelf BAs.

    If money is no object you really can't do much better/exclusive than a DSR-1.

    Custom guns are a whole other can of worms if you want to go down that road.

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    A bolt action, eh! What is your intend to do with it?

    Target shooting, plinking, hunting, test your skills to set up a rifle/stock, having a nice piece to look at, pass it down to your children, carry it on walks,... or maybe brag about it? All possible.

    And why do you connect bolt-action rifles to C71? Buy and sell buerocrazy or what.

    Maybe you can elaborate.


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