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Thread: Two thumbs down bullseye! - Updated

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    BEL has been 100% for me and very helpful. Even called me on a Sunday because they didn't have a shooting bag in the color I ordered. Asked if another color was ok.

    Relax man who cares if you get the gun Monday or Thursday or whatever. Worse things in life to worry about in life. They have stacks of work to get through. Pick a #.

    2 thumbs up from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmoney47 View Post
    Shame on you goof! I had a shotgun shipped from sfrc that came damaged last week. I sent an email and some pics and Ryan called me back within five minutes, and told me he was shipping out a new gun first thing in the morning. Got it two days later with the sticker to mail the old one back to him. Now that's customer service, it was a sub 209 dollar gun and the owner called me In five minutes! Do you think sfrc is not busy right now? He was just sitting around waiting for something to do? No he was going above and beyond for a customer who's bought lots of SH$& from them, as I have from bullseye too.

    So on that note thumbs way up for sfrc, and wayy down still to bullseye
    i concur, that guy is a goof.

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    Glock people... *face palm* - Valaden (I love it!!!) ---- In NO way and at NO time is your airsoft gun ever a "beast" LOLLL ----
    Team 7.62x51mm - Multicam Black Gang - .45Auto holes > 9mm holes -

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    I had a site sponsor not ship for over a week after my transfer was approved. Should have been calling the CFC everyday to check.

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    I bought a pistol just under three weeks ago from a different Ontario dealer and was told their usual transfer times have been 2-3 days; I mentioned that I was going on vacation the following week and would stop in on my way through town to pick it up. I did just that, and found out that they forgot to call in the transfer. While I am still waiting, they have agreed to ship it to me at no charge for my trouble. While I really would like my pistol, it was not so long ago that transfers took 3-6 weeks here in Ontario.

    Now, in their defense, the day I bought that pistol there were customers there that did not know their ass from their elbow (but thought they did) standing three deep at the counter panic-buying ARs and they demanded and required a lot more attention than I did. I knew they had the used, out of production pistol that I wanted; I went to the store; handled it, looked at it, and gave them my money and left. I could see how I got forgotten.

    I have dealt with Bulls Eye many times, and will continue to do so. Fair, good stock, and great customer service. I would guess that they also had an above average work-load as there are as many panic-stricken, impatient people in London as anywhere else.

    I wonder how the impatient poster copes when SHTF and all of a sudden their work-load doubles, and they try and operate as efficiently as when conditions are normal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmoney47 View Post
    I'm a contributing member of this forum and the gun community in general. Am I not allowed to voice my distaste about failing to meet what I believe to be reasonable expectations from a vendor, I will sing praises to those who deserve it.
    You started this contribution to this forum and the gun community in general at 09:19 pm. You were expecting a response?
    Thread closed. The business can reopen it when they see it - no doubt during business hours.

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    We are sorry to hear you are disappointed but please understand many things with the CFO are out of our control. We have seen many times some transfers are approved sooner than others and it makes no sense to us. We do check into customer inquires just as we did with yours and at that time there were no new approvals sent to us by the CFO. As they have been heavily backlogged due to obvious reasons, we have seen a failure of email approvals coming through, this is why we ask our customerís to follow up with them directly or provide us with a copy of an approval if they receive it before we do. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. We do not take any pleasure in keeping your firearm longer than we have to as we would rather have it in your hands as soon as possible and enjoying it at the range. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please feel free to contact us directly at or 1-877-630-8393 during business hours and we will do whatever we can and work with you to get an issue resolved as soon as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gmoney47 View Post
    So here's why they get the thumbs down. May 27 I buy a Chinese Tok, great price $189 unissued. Telling my buddy about my purchase he buys one too the next day. Now knowing that transfers are slow as heck in Ontario right now I think nothing of the two week wait without hearing that the transfer came in, and I can pick it up.

    My friend wasn't so patient and called them today to inquire if his transfer was in. After the guy at bullseye reluctantly checks for him, he finds yes his transfer is in. So he goes and picks up his pistol.

    So I call bullseye and ask about my pistol bought the day before my friends was, the guy I talked to was upset right off the bat, asking what made me think my transfer was in if I hadn't received a call or email. When I told him my friends was bought a day after mine from them and he had called and was told transfer was in I thought I'd call, so he goes and checks, five minutes later comes back and says he doesn't see anything. I live forty minutes away and had to go close to the store, was hoping I could have picked it up. So I thank him for looking and figure ah well CFO is weird like that.
    I decided to call the cfo anyways and ask them the status of my transfer, she tells me it was approved already, yesterday, and an email was sent to them.

    Well this is obviously not true when my friend had to call to find out his was ready, I called to be told it wasn't, even though it was the day before. Like how is that good customer service, it could of saved me an 1.5hr round trip if they could have just actually checked and seen it was there, or don't tell people, they will be contacted as soon as it's approved, when that's obviously not true, and I still wasn't called by end of day today.

    I usually don't rant, but Geez, as if he couldn't check and save me an extra trip when they'd had it since the day before. I guess I'll just show up and pick it up tomorrow if they call me or not.
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