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Thread: Stag 10 NR rifles in stock 1390.00 USD Faxon Barrels 7lbs 11oz in Canada

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    Any chance for just an upper? Without the hand guard and the gas system?
    Is it wrong to love the clack clack bang, but wanna run from a click tick lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian46 View Post
    It is not built by stag. Warranty will be through irunguns as they built it. I have one, no issues with it so far.
    Thanks for the feedback man. So what specific warranty did irunguns provide to you with this?
    Is it anything comparable to Stag's factory warranty?
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    Quote Originally Posted by demopeng View Post
    Thanks for the feedback man. So what specific warranty did irunguns provide to you with this?
    Is it anything comparable to Stag's factory warranty?
    I didn't care to look as I bought it for a working starting point to modify. Rather than build from scratch and end up not knowing what is wrong like so many home built AR's I see at the range that people have nothing but problems with.

    Stag isn't local, so it will take time to get anything done under warranty unless their Canadian retailers will exchange it immediately provided it is in stock and send it back to stag after

    My goal is to get it down to as close to 7lbs as possible with lighter handguard, adj gas block, trim the barrel to 18.6" and low mass carrier
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxer2373 View Post
    No Iím dead serious, any ARís Iíve bought have them indexed this was as itís not a muzzle break itís not their to direct the gasses to prevent muzzle flip or ground blow back. Itís their to keep the muzzle flash down, eliminate flash in your sight line and keep your shooting signature to a min...

    I am so confused right now... this is why muzzle ďbreaksĒ were invented for a completely different purpose...

    If I am wrong I will happy admit to doing it wrong for 15 years and feel like a dumbass but this is what I was thought and how it was setup for me on the granted limited ARís Iíve owned.
    I know im late to the game in this conversation, but because the AR is more aligned from centre of barrel through the stock it should lift less with recoil, compare this to conventional bolt action rifles where the centre line of barrel is higher in relation to where the stock is against the shoulder you can se how it would want to lift more. With the AR it's not needed like porting a hunting rifle on the top to lessen barrel lift.

    Wether or not this is the intent of design with any one of the different muzzle brakes or flash hiders for the AR is debatable, but I see why it's not required to have them at top. Try shooting a Rem 700 upside down and it will kick with muzzle pushing towards the ground (not actually advising you try this)

    I think Taurus designed a revolver that had the barrel at the bottom for this reason.

    Also break is used when something is broken, brake is used when something is slowed or stopped (we used to use the term retarded instead of slowed but apparently people get offended).

    Ex: Engine brake
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    Any left hand 6.5 Creedmoor in stock?

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    What kind of warranty on these?

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    Do you have any Stag 10’s left, and are they in Canada ready to be shipped or are they to be imported?

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    Get them to build one like this & I'm in !

    Pre-orders are horrible for everyone involved. They never go smooth. We will not be doing a pre-order to bankroll this project.

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    ^^^ yes to this
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