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Thread: Liberals want to prohibit more assault weapons rather than ban handguns

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    Blair was a garbage police chief
    It's a great day for hockey
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    This is the essential message that we all need to get behind. (all for on- one for all)

    We must be united. Anyone who owns guns must be united - hunters, sports does't matter what discipline you are in. If they come for one of us, they are coming for all of us! We must show solidarity. Three things we must do:

    I know who I will not be voting for on the 21st!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket_James View Post
    I listened to Blair at the local meeting in my area, everything sounded reasonable and he agreed to fact based decisions. I just heard him on the radio in a liberal ad claiming the need for a gun ban --- what a f'n liar and coward.
    If someone is able to attend one of his meetings, I wonder if someone could ask him to commit to resigning and calling for new elections if his ban doesn't work?
    I'd like to see him squirm on that one.
    Too bad the bought and paid for MSM would edit it out.
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    Are weapons used in an assault not defined by Canadian law?

    Can we prove through law on the books it's an intentional misnomer (for the 4th way)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushbasher View Post
    Blair was a garbage police chief

    Makes one wonder which present police top-brass are would-be Bill Blairs in-waiting....
    But there is only one person that I see on CGN as being truly despicable by every ethical and moral standards and worse: to be dangerous to the community itself, and that's Cyclone the subversive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hsatimmy View Post
    Are weapons used in an assault not defined by Canadian law?

    Can we prove through law on the books it's an intentional misnomer (for the 4th way)
    And that would accomplish what, precisely?
    To demonstrate that people can actually go to the moon and back, you use the American experience.
    To demonstrate that public safety is not adversely affected by responsible people carrying to protect life, you also use the American experience.

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