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Thread: Huge Announcements coming! Make sure you Subscribe, Follow and Like us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flavc3 View Post
    Oh I hope it's the range!!!
    I can't see it being the Range, as that would effect a very limited number of people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sm View Post email.
    same here

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    Seems like the thing to do, another sponsor has deals pending, hope they all come through, vatiety and choice is the spice of life and guns!

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    If I subscribe to your mailing list, will you be sending me 10 emails a day for eternity?

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    Valmet agreed to make 20000 more hunters and m78s?
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    Quote Originally Posted by winnipegger View Post
    Valmet agreed to make 20000 more hunters and m78s?
    I was thinking about this the other day, technically they could sell the licensing and someone could produce M78’s with different configs, light barrel, etc.

    Just saying.... someone should really look into this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeShmow View Post
    If I subscribe to your mailing list, will you be sending me 10 emails a day for eternity?

    Count on that.... you can call them during off hours and leave an equal number of voicemails saying thanks for your email. Now please remove me from your DL but don’t leave your email address.
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    I’ll take a M78!!

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    Probably a new, bigger store. I think there has been some new faces at Bullseye lately. Maybe they’re hiring for a larger store.

    Hopefully the range opens with it. But I’m not holding my breath for that.

    Either way, Im sure this will be great news.

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    Really hoping it's the range, guys. There's no point "waiting to see what the Liberals do", that's just giving in to their pressures. Having a new range in London would help show the communities in bigger cities that gun owners are not problematic!

    A new, modern, state of the art gun range in a city like London could be a huge win. Fingers crossed..

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