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Thread: Big shoutout to Bulls Eye

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    Big shoutout to Bulls Eye

    I want to thank Mitch, awesome guy, spent time showing and allowing me to fondle a few high end toys. No pressure to buy, very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks again for your time Mitch and the nice Sig inbound To the big bald dude (owner) Very nice store sir and give Mitch a raise

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    just bought an S&P mp15 from them .Young fellow named Adrian helped me.very knowledgable ,great to talk to.he should get A RAISE AS WELL.

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    I ordered a Type 81 from them last year when they got them in. I’ve ordered from there a lot, like, a lot, so I’m familiar with shipping times and what not. A week passed by and I started to wonder why my NR rifle was taking so long to ship (no tracking number was sent at the time). So I called just to see if there was something wrong. It turned out there was a mix up somewhere and it went unnoticed and they over sold the rifles, and that I would have to wait until the next shipment (which they weren’t sure of). However, the gentleman I was on the phone with told me he had one on layaway and that he would ship his rifle to me so I wouldn’t have to wait. Never have I gotten such amazing service from anywhere, especially been given their hand picked rifle. They were and always be my go to shop.
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    I am lucky enough that they are my local, and very close shop!!!
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