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Thread: Tactical Solutions Has Arrived!!

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    Tactical Solutions Has Arrived!!

    Good day fellow Nutters,

    We are excited to finally receive our first shipment of Tactical Solutions! The wait has been rough, as the shooting season is upon us.

    This shipment includes:

    10/22 barrels, V-blocks, mag couplers
    Muzzle Brakes
    Ruger Pac-Lite Mark III and Mark IV uppers
    Glock conversion kits
    1911/2011 conversion kits
    Vantage Laminate stocks
    Hogue stocks
    Mags, and a slew of accessories

    Contact your dealer to place an order. We have a dealer locator on our website, in case you need it:

    And for the teaser pics:

    We are proud to offer these excellent brands to the Canadian Market: Leupold, Hornady, Kimber, PROOF Research, Eley ammunition, Ruger, POF Rifles, Ravin Archery, PSE Archery, MTM, Allen, and other accessory brands.

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    Good to see more selection hitting this side of the boarder, great product just always been hard to get!
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