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Thread: 2019 Canada Day Sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawawang Cowboy View Post
    What do you recommend for a 7mm Rem Mag? Probably not shooting pass 200yards at least not with my range. Will a standard 3/8" suffice? Or should I go with the 1/2" thick? I'll probably be shooting 45acp up close as well.
    I'd definitively recommend 1/2" targets. Our magnum targets bundle looks perfect for your use !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Range Rabbit View Post
    All our targets are made out of AR500 Hardox wear plates.

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    Woo hoo, order shipping already. Cant wait to try these out, wishing I ordered the conduit kit and a few other goodies but that will have to wait for another day. Thanks for getting orders ready so fast after a long weekend. Cheers.

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