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Thread: P320 XFIVE LEGION - Dealers now taking Pre-Orders

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    MD Charlton ,

    Could you please make sure that the P320 XFIVE Legions destined for Canada do not have the new LCI (loaded chamber indicator) cut on the barrel .

    There are reports of people receiving these in the USA with this new cut on the barrel , which then leads to outgas and unusually fast cloudy , contaminated optic issues for slide mounted optics . This has then resulted in customers having to contact Sig customer service in order to obtain a return shipping label to have a new barrel installed (with no LCI cut) , function checked and test fired , free of charge .

    The initial reports coming from USA customers are that this warranty process only takes 1 - 2 weeks and is fairly painless . However , if you (MD Charlton) were to nip this in the bud , it may save yourself and Canadian Sig owners the potential frustration of having to go through this warranty process .

    I myself , even though I would really like to purchase one of these , will not be purchasing one that has a barrel with the new LCI cut . As my intention is to run this with a slide mounted optic .

    Regards .

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    Quote Originally Posted by stone25 View Post
    Are there any retailers who are planning on stocking these mags? I'll take 3
    Calgary Shooting Centre has a bunch on order...
    Please email all requests for information on product availability/ordering to Any prices quoted are only valid for 30 days from date of original posting. All firearm and ammunition sales subject to PAL verification.

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    Just got my x5 legion today. How does one in canada get the free 5.11 case and coin? Number on thr brochure to claim is not accesible in canada.

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