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Thread: How do your "brass" knuckles your selling skirt the law?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    In the meaner eastern US cities they called these a set of "pro's" as code speak amongst the street wise.

    Thier most nefarious role was maiming/torturing people who neglected to pay thier bets/debt.

    Oh dear.........well at least if they have those they do not have to resort to more brutal medieval methods using everyday household and kitchen items.

    Or just go to the garage/basement tool box etc

    or get some water and a towel.....

    This is just chasing endless rabbits down the rabbit holes.

    Just keep banning and soon you will be down to rocks and sticks as prohibited.

    But why stop? Just put everyone in jail, pull out all their teeth and nails so they can't bite or scratch and break their joints so they cannot punch, elbow or kick or stomp........

    and peace will reign on earth......
    The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run.
    - Moby Dick, Herman Melville

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    I am embellishing or trying to taint them as the next best thing to the A bomb. Just trivia friend.
    Peace order and good governance, these words never ever spoken by Justine Trudeau.

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    Why not just get the powdered lead gloves, or a Cestus?
    Envy green is not a color well worn. Might want to quit while you're ahead

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