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Thread: ***Heckler & Koch G36 5.56x45mm*** IN-STOCK ~Brand New~ Non-Restricted

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    I'd pay $3,000-$4,000 for one (probably)...but even that is a little $8000 + $1000 in thanks!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gobc View Post
    Does this refer to the inside or outside of the barrel? I know stupid question, but I though nitriding is a surface finish usually done on the exterior of parts. Chrome lining is a finish used for the inside of the barrel, so I'm a little confused.

    Bought one regardless.
    "Chrome-lined bores are actually coated. Nitriding does not add a coating, rather, it changes the surface properties by diffusing nitrogen and carbon into the metal surface to yield an extremely smooth, uniform and wear-resistant bore. Chrome-lined barrels still need outer surface protection, normally achieved by some manner of Parkerization. Since the hot liquids used in nitriding flow over all exposed surfaces in a bath, the entire barrel gets a very durable layer of protection against corrosion."

    Thank-you for your business!!
    Tactical Imports Corp.

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    Damn, I wish I did not buy that car now. One Day I will own one of these.
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    Would be interested in SW 1006 10mm as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactical Imports View Post
    Only a couple units available, not likely we'll see these again.
    As a prospective buyer, how many is a "couple units"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombsquad68 View Post
    As a prospective buyer, how many is a "couple units"?
    Couple is usually two?
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    Quote Originally Posted by call2arms View Post
    Couple is usually two?
    Unless it's a pair of hermaphrodites, then it’s four.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRich View Post
    Do you accept payment in form of Kidneys?
    Dang it, lost one last summer in an accident so I should probably hold onto the one I have left...but so pretty

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    Out of curiosity, how come these guns do have an aftermarket barrel and bolt?

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    And sold out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDD View Post
    Having an importer bring in parts kits from the USA is doable, there's one selling a parts kit for another HK gun for around $1k USD. No idea about importing from Germany. I certainly wouldn't call these knockoffs though, they're built on real HK receivers and Lothar-Walther barrels are legit, probably better than whatever HK was using.

    I'd like to see if importing the stripped receivers from Germany is possible. I've seen many receivers sold on german websites as uncontrolled parts like how bolts and barrels are uncontrolled here, but their export laws are different.
    i have just been looking at a few parts sites
    the original g36 folding stock is cheap enough but the trigger groups are up there
    but i am not exactly sure of the legalities of some of them.
    i am flying back to the UK end of the month and was thinking of getting some
    parts shipped to me( UK still in the EU) and packing them into my luggage and bringing them back in
    typical British wankers

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