Had a customer bring in 2 of his awesome 308 rifles for consignment.

First is a customized R700 AAC-SD with a total of 20 rounds fired through it. The rifle is in a McMillan A5 stock with 2 left side flush cups, anschutz rail & thumb wheel adjustable cheek piece. Also includes: ARTS 20 Moa Picatinny rail, ARTS Bolt Knob, ARTS DBM Bottom Metal, ARTS Muzzle Brake, 1 Ten Round MDT Magazine and a Versa Pod BiPod with the anschutz rail adapter!!! Also comes with Plano GunGuard Softcase

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Second is a Norinco M305 in a Blackfeather RS Chassis with a Magpul MIAD Grip and CTR Stock. Also includes 10 Magazines, M14.CA Scope mount base, Muzzle Brake and Plano GunGuard Softcase
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Owner of these rifles is open to offers please send offers to contact@westernmetal.ca