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Thread: Faxon Barrels $269.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by B34R View Post
    That doesn't really answer my question. For instance, if you sell me something that doesn't work correctly out of the box my expectation would be that you swap it for your customer and then deal with your distributor to correct the issue. Does this align with your stores policy? IMO warranty comes into play when something fails after initially working and or when there's a defect that causes a failure. I've never dealt with your store, thus the question around policy.
    You have a unique definition of warranty. We use the traditional definition, if a product is defective due to materials or workmanship is is generally covered by a manufacturer warranty. If this occurs we work with the customer and manufacturer to resolve the issue. Sometimes this allows an exchange but not always.
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    I have an 18.6 faxon gunner on my modern sporter, it is absolutely awesome. Super lightweight and decent accuracy with my bulk ammo. Definitely recommend that profile but i wouldn't hesitate to try out any of faxons profiles especially at this price, theyre a quality manufacturer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooting Centre View Post
    We donít have sufficient demand to order that many and our suppliers have not.
    I'm not in the business so I'm sure that you know your customer base but I'd be surprised if you couldn't sell them. There is a large demand for lightweight barrels that is largely being ignored in the Canadian market.

    Your competitor brought them in but his cost is over a hundred more for your A2 profile 18.5".

    I know a retailer that didn't think there was a market for forward assist free uppers so put less than a dozen on his order. They were gone in a week. His next order was over three hundred.

    If you had something other than a 20" Gunner I'd certainly consider buying from you as your price seems reasonable. People like 14.5" and 16" too.

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    I'd be in for a 18.6" Gunner too. Again lightweight at reasonable price.

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