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Thread: PVA - Ultralight Jet Blast Muzzle Brake - in stock!

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    PVA - Ultralight Jet Blast Muzzle Brake - in stock!

    5/8-24 in stock in 6.5 and 30 cal $202.50

    The Ultralight "Jet Blast" is the latest expansion of the PVA Jet Blast line. The brake has the same recoil reduction performance as our award winning Jet Blast brake but at a 74% reduction in weight due to an ultra-high strength AL alloy. We have done extensive testing and shown a magnum erosion life on the throat to be in excess of 2x the barrel life commonly seen with 300 Win Mag meaning that users can move this brake from barrel to barrel.

    This brake comes in our most popular 2 sizes of Jet Blast and weighs a mere 39 grams (1.37oz) as compared to the competition rifle brake at 3.7oz. For the same price there is no cheaper way to take 2+ oz off a hunting rifle and aid the performance of the gun at the same time. The common practice of checking for a loose muzzle brake common with other popular self-timing designs is no longer an issue with the PVA approach, just snug them up and go.
    All brakes come in black Type III anodize and may be Cerakoted by a gunsmith to match the rifle.

    All of the same technical features of the Jet Blast stay the same. It brings a welcome addition to the line of brakes known for excellent recoil reduction, easy installation, and excellent manufacturing quality. The Jet Blast ports are optimized for precision rifles and approved for use up to 300 Win Mag to reduce recoil, aid in precision and shootability, ease of install and do it all without directing muzzle blast back onto the shooter because the rearward angle is optimized to "shadow" the shooter. This is accomplished by using our new patent-pending "Blast Shadow" ports. Take a look at the snapshots we grabbed during testing, recoil reduction levels over 57% have been measured with this brake!

    The "Jet Blast" uses the same locking collar approach that is found on our other brakes and includes part interchangeability with the "Mad Scientist".

    The "Jet Blast" uses a threaded collar in order to index the muzzle brake without additional machining work required on each barrel. It is also not 1-time use like other machine-timed brakes but rather can be used barrel after barrel after barrel, saving shooters significant money on each subsequent barrel that they purchase.

    Users have found excellent performance with simply putting the brakes on by hand without tools however if it is necessary the brake uses (2) 15/16" wrenches to snug into place and does not need any thread locking agents to maintain position firmly locked to the end of the barrel for thousands of rounds of use. Most shooters elect to simply install it by hand for quick and easy removal when using a suppressor.

    The Jet Blast is 1" OD x 2.4" long and accepts up to 0.8" of thread engagement on the muzzle.

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