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Thread: Cajun Gun Parts

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    Did you get any RRK's for the Shadow 2? (Again - hoping!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armourall View Post
    Did you get any RRK's for the Shadow 2? (Again - hoping!)
    we have 4 kits arriving

    Quote Originally Posted by LambeauLeap View Post
    Are you calling people to pay for their orders then? I haven't received any info on my order. Thanks.
    We will be holding back anything that has been requested, and will emailing people shortly once we get a chance to inventory what we got in.

    Unfortunately not everything we ordered was shipped.

    We Sell Firearms, Optics, and Ammunition at
    In-door Shooting Range at West Edmonton Mall
    Please feel free to email at for questions you may have!

    Wild West Shooting Centre


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    I saw a couple of cajun items listed but they were then taken off your site. Will the parts not spoken for be listed soon on your site?

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