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Thread: Mesa Hook and Loop Poly Shotshell carrier

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    Mesa Hook and Loop Poly Shotshell carrier

    While Mesa Tactical’s development focus has long been on the needs of the professional tactical operator, we have nonetheless enjoyed some acceptance in the tactical competition community, especially Three Gun. In response to a long expressed desire from Three Gun competitors for a quick-release version of our popular on-gun shell carriers, we’ve introduced Hook & Loop SureShell carriers.

    Hook & Loop SureShell carriers combine our SureShell Polymer carrier yoke with 3M SJ3572 hook fastener material laminated to a 3/32″ Formex 94 substrate. This allows Hook & Loop SureShell carriers to be easily attached to and removed from surfaces, such as shotgun receivers and MOLLE vests, covered with mating loop material.

    The Hook & Loop SureShell carriers are sold with adhesive backed 3M SJ3571 loop fastener that can be glued directly to a shotgun receiver. For Three Gun competitors who do not want to permanently affix the loop fastener material to their shotguns, we also offer loop fastener bracket kits that are attached mechanically and can be easily removed at any time.

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    Are they model specific,
    Talking of the loop fastener brackets of course?
    How, easy to remove the shells from this one?
    Mesa’s older model offered the grip of death, you would never
    Lose or accidentally drop a shell.
    Not so good in sport shooting.

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    Very cool.

    What’s the word on price and availability?

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