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Thread: Team Tenda jersey-support Sickkids-SEP-18 UPDATE

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    CGN frequent flyer gwhysow's Avatar
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    Though it's not up my alley, $60 for a athletic shooting jersey with a digital print is well priced. If you've ever looked to buy one - mostly only available from the States - you're running $60 - $120.

    I think the issue was that it may have been half cocked. The design and otherwise. Gotta feel out the room first

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    We paid 57.00 for IPSC National shirts and they made a good profit with no other advertisers on the shirt to defray some of the costs. Just saying. And as stated, do they have an existing agreement with sick kids and why is sick kids foundation not on the shirt ?

    I like Tenda. They've been very good to deal with, but have no interest in wearing their shirt unless they sponsor me.

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    Would we get a donation receipt for our taxes, or just Tenda get one. I'm not sure how that works with companies.

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    The issue with these campaigns is you spend the $10 and the company doing it gets the tax receipt. Boost sales and lesson tax burden. Seems like a deal and a half from a sales perspective.

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    Sep-18th Update:

    We have a total of 65 T-shirts sold and here's the cheque mailing to them leaving today.

    Attachment 306491

    Thank you for everyone who ordered the T-shirt and we've done something amazing together!
    Open 7 days a week! Smile is always FREE!

    250 W beaver creek, Unit 10
    Richmond Hill, ON L4B1C7

    T: 905-597-4772(IPSC)

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    I see these still listed on your website, still donating with purchase?
    Any chance a polo version will be available at a later date with a more subdued design that can be worn in the office?
    Also, any more Team CZ polos coming?
    "Genius begins great works, but labor alone finishes them." Joseph Joubert

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